ECHO Charter School is located in rural Southwest Minnesota. We first opened our doors in 1997. A group of concerned parents and other community members gathered to discuss the desire to establish a school that was more geographically convenient than the existing school districts and would better meet the specific, individual needs of their children. They wanted a school that was small, one where students felt comfortable and, ideally, where parents would have more input into their children's education. In our first year, we served 44 students grades K-6 and have expanded to now serve 100+ students grades K-12.

Our school's foundation is the improvement in student learning for Every Child. When we started out, we recognized the value of first focusing on the basics: Reading, Writing, and Math. In support of this focus, we have chosen the Core Knowledge Curriculum as the foundation for our scope and sequence. Other reasons parents choose to send their children to ECHO include:

  • Small class sizes allowing for increased individual attention;
  • Family atmosphere with a unified effort on the part of students, parents and staff;
  • A focus and capacity to design individualized instructional plans for students;
  • True site-based decision making with ideas originating from students, parents, and staff;
  • Travel opportunities for students not available in neighboring school districts. A few of the destinations that are part of our rotation of trips include the Black Hills of SD, The North Shore of MN, Washington DC and New York City;
  • Extracurricular activities in a small-school environment in which all students can participate at a high level (rather than just sitting on the bench).
  • Project- Based Learning for electives

Our Vision is to be, the most highly respected school in Southwest Minnesota noted for caring, innovating and preparing students to succeed.

Our Mission: ECHO Charter School's mission is to be your school of choice by preparing students to achieve to their highest potential through an innovative and uniquely flexible curriculum.

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