Cyber Village Academy serves approximately 265 students in Kindergarten- Grade 12. We have two programs, Fusion and PASCAL. The majority of the school‚'s students are in its Fusion program, a hybrid program in which students split their time between on campus and online education. Students attend on campus Monday-Wednesday and participate remotely on Thursdays and Fridays. Students may also come in to Study Center on Thursdays and Fridays. CVA also has a fully online program, PASCAL, for students in Grades K-12 throughout Minnesota.

Using its hybrid and online models along with individualized learning plans for all students, CVA emphasizes student self-motivation and self-directedness while still providing the structures and guidance to ensure success.

A wide variety of students and families choose the school for its flexibility, individualization, high standards, and the passionate, dedicated staff that helps it all happen.

We love quirky kids!

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