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IQS maintains this resource library to best support School Boards.  Looking for support on something specific to your school?  Please reach out!

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Good Governance Series

Strong Boards are essential to developing strong and stable school communities.

Innovative Quality Schools is committed to supporting school boards and their members. Part of these efforts includes our Good Governance Series, which is focused on providing timely, relevant, and practical information. The links below will take you to recent topics in the series:

School Goals and Accountability

Next Generation Assessment Portfolio System (NGAPS)

Since 2015, IQS has been working to develop measures of student learning and achievement that go beyond literacy and math. One goal of this work is to support schools in identifying and developing assessments that directly correlate to their mission, vision, and program model. In partnering with a number of schools who volunteered to join this work and pilot new methods, two areas of learning were often prioritized by school communities that aren't currently captured well by assessments: 'essential' or '21st Century' skills and skills related to social and emotional learning. These areas are now a part of the IQS Performance Framework (called the ScoreCard) and all schools are supported in designing new forms of assessments and developing related goals.

IQS has a number of publications related to this work, which are included in our NGAPS Google Site!


Innovation Grant

Each year, IQS sets aside some funding to support schools in developing their innovative practices. To learn more about the IQS grant program and review the application requirements, please click here.

Groves Literacy Partnership

Groves uses the science of reading to inform and develop curriculum resources.  This program is not a comprehensive reading program, but focuses on phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency. Teachers at partner schools implement these resources and engage in weekly coaching with a Groves Literacy Coach.  

For more information, see here: Groves Literacy Partnership.

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