IQS Opportunities

Innovative Quality Schools (IQS) is seeking highly qualified individuals from the field of education to serve as an IQS Cadre Team Member.

Cadre members work collaboratively with the other members of the team and the IQS Director in observing the progress of IQS member schools in the areas of:

a.) mission, goals, and program model,
b.) governance of school performance,
c.) evaluation of student/school performance,
d.) financial performance, and
e.) operations of school performance

Bdote Learning Center

A cadre member background shall possess exceptional experience in one or more of the IQS areas to be observed, hold or have held a Minnesota teaching or administrator license, and be able to successfully complete an approved background check. To learn more about the role of a cadre member, please review the IQS Cadre Handbook.

If interested, please complete the attached form and email it as an attachment with a current copy of your resume to Laurie Schroeder, Managing Partner of the Leadership Team at